Complete package of consulting and business development services for  your company in Oradea, Bihor and Bucharest, Romania

Gaminvest Company Ltd, based in Oradea and Bucharest, was founded to provide clients, such individuals and Romanian and foreign companies that decide to access on the market in Oradea, all the support they need. The services we offer include: consulting and support the financial accounting, tax, administrative, judicial, legal, start-up and start-ups, bank loans and European consulting, Real Estate company services (Real estate Oradea) and more.

In short, our package comes to meet the every need of you at whatever stage in that you are investing: it can be a business idea that you are thinking to try out or a company already operating. We are recommend by those over 10 years of experience in Romania, and we are able at the moment to provide you a full range of services that will help develop your investments.

Why you should seek the services of a consulting firm, when opening a business?

Many entrepreneurs and investors decide to open a business or to make an investment on their own, without the benefit of professional consulting. Some do it for financial reasons, others because they consider themselves able to put their business again without the benefit of external support. Often, however, shortly after, specific problems usually associated opening a business: documents or need to be re-registered, non-functional contracts, difficulty in finding qualified staff, IRS problems, etc.

These are some of of the issues on which we are required consultancy. But of course, the proposed solutions to address and resolve them more expensive than preventing them in the first phase. It is obvious that in business, as in medicine, early prevention of occurrence of a difficult situation is preferable resolving it once appeared.

Gaminvest services are varied and adapted to quickly to our customers' needs, whatever they may be: from national and multinational companies, national and international investors to individuals. Thus, our vision is to become a reference point both for investors who decide to develop a solid business in Oradea, Bihor country and Bucharest, and for companies already operating in this market. 

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